Kallimos Design

The current inventory of housing in this country is not designed for the changing needs that come with aging, injury, or disease. The house you raised your children in, or even the house you down-sized to, can become a hindrance to your well-being. The maintenance and upkeep of these houses can become a burden.
And the design can become a safety hazard. The greatest problem of remaining in your current home is that as you age and your body changes, you may become isolated. Isolation and loneliness are real problems for many older people.  They can be problems for younger people, as well. In Kallimos, you enjoy the benefits of privacy without isolation or loneliness.  You are surrounded by good neighbors who know you well, and you can live in your own home. What we have learned is that when you design a place that is good for the frailest among us, you design a place that is good for everyone.

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