Community Self Governance

When one moves into traditional long-term care communities that have not undergone cultural transformation, one is now subjected to the will of the organization’s governance.
Policies and procedures, schedules and routines direct the lives of the people who live in such places.
In Kallimos Communities, the neighbors direct their own daily lives.
Their homes are their own castles.
In each pocket neighborhood neighbors will join with employees as a self-managed team to organize decision-making in the neighborhood.
Guided by well-trained facilitators, these teams will bring governance to the people who live in each neighborhood.
Representatives from each neighborhood will form a Community Council that will be charged with making decisions impacting the community as a whole.
It will be the organization’s responsibility to provide these councils with the best information, knowledge, resources and facilitation to ensure they can make good decisions on behalf of their neighborhood or community.
Unbound by the burden of too much governmental regulation or organizational policy, each neighborhood and each community can be shaped by the people who live there.