Kallimos Communities

Kallimos Communities has created a new concept in supporting elders outside of traditional elder care models.

The Kallimos Service Model

is what makes Spring Creek unique.

Home is where we all want to live and age. But as we age or become frail, we become high risk for isolation and the plagues of loneliness, helplessness & boredom. Kallimos communities foster deep relationships between neighbors, staff, and the larger community to ensure that people are protected by the social fabric of being well-known.

We do this by including staff who are trained to weave a web of connections into the tapestry of the community. In this way, the individual is never overlooked and her social, emotional and spiritual needs become just as important as her physical needs. Kallimos blends the human needs of both privacy and community, and the need to balance giving and receiving into a place where everyone feels at home.

Health & Well-Being

Kallimos communities foster wellness and the well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

At Kallimos, we believe aging is about growth & development, not disease and decline. Kallimos communities promote and support individual growth goals through wellness practices, the arts, horticulture, culinary arts, music, craftsmanship and social artistry. Our pleasure is to support every resident’s fulfillment of their individual goals and aspirations to continue to grow and learn as they age in community.

At Kallimos, residents may participate in preparing community meals, join in yoga or Tai Chi classes, work with a physical trainer, or assist the horticulturist in the gardens, or take a stroll in nature, or a dip in the therapy pool. Opportunities abound for meaningful activities, work and entertainment. We employ people and build the facilities and programs to support joy, happiness, community, health and longevity, while supporting any physical changes that may occur.

The Great Outdoors

Kallimos communities open the door to nature

In Kallimos, we recognize the importance of the connection that all humans have to nature. Far too many elders living in elder care have been labeled as “problem patients” just because they wanted to go outside. Research proves that getting outside is good for all of us.

We include sheltered walkways, pavilions, porches, porticos, and breezeways to enable people to get outside. Outdoor water features, native plantings, and trees offer other opportunities to have the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair. Common houses & personal homes are designed for the kind of indoor/outdoor living we all enjoy. It is better to live in a garden.

Any Ability. Anywhere.

At Kallimos communities, the entire built environment has been designed to accommodate people of all abilities.

At Kallimos communities supports all abilities. Walkways are designed for access to all amenities and our homes have been designed to support aging changes so that you do not have to leave your home when your needs change.

Technology can also be employed to extend independence. Our houses are designed to enable technology assistive devices as needs change. Both medical and non-medical home health services are available when needed. You no longer have to leave your home to access services or move to another level of care.

Caring for Each Other

Kallimos Communities Promote Interdependence

For most of human history, we have succeeded by cooperating and supporting each other. Traditional senior living relies solely on residents paying for services. This forfeits the opportunity to draw upon our basic human instincts of living in community. Kallimos extends this basic human need of balancing giving and receiving to everyone.

Kallimos communities foster interdependence where people look out for their friends and neighbors. We incorporate community habits of exchanging concern and care to help promote optimal safety and compassionate friendships. People find meaning in sharing and giving to others. Having meaning and purpose and social connections in one’s life extends health and well-being. By promoting social capital, Kallimos promotes loyalty to the community, translating into a better business outcomes because residents and staff feel a sense of belonging and

All Ages Welcome

At Kallimos, we welcome home all ages of adults over 18.

Senior living communities congregate seniors together only with other old people. At Kallimos, our communities are home to all ages. Children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are welcome to stay over just as they would at your home. We believe the generations belong together and that each stage of life has something to offer the others. Unlike senior only communities, Kallimos extends an offering of welcome, and works hard to include people of all ages into the community.

Healing Through Art Therapy

At Kallimos, we understand the healing power of art.

Creating art reduces stress, boosts self esteem and improves and enhances the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people of all ages. Therefore Spring Creek employs an artist to support the joy of self-expression and art therapy.

Healing Through Pet Therapy

At Kallimos, we understand the healing power of a pet’s affection.

Animals help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Pets also help increase social interaction and physical activity. They are important family members for many people, so well mannered pets are welcome to accompany their people to Spring Creek.